Perogie Classes

Would you like to learn a secret from 1863? Want to help teach tradition to the next generation? Then you are ready to have a fun filled cultural experience with Bella from Perogie Pinchers of Victoria! Making your very own vegetarian Potato, Cheddar, Onion perogies to take home has never been more entertaining.

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I did it! I made PEROGIES last night! Real ingredients, in a recipe made simple by Bella (through her years of childhood servitude). Lots of fun in a lively, action packed class. Affordable and totally rewarding. Too much for you? Then you should totally buy her perogies! I think the value for (literally) hand pinched goodness is hard to beat. Thanks Bella...I suspect we’ll be seeing you again.
— Charming MotherFelker reviewed Perogie Pinchers of Victoria
Her class was outstanding. Easy instructions and fun at the same time. My wife and I brought home many meals worth. It is also something you can repeat easily at home.
— Jason Walsh reviewed Perogie Pinchers of Victoria —

Perogie Parties

Invite your friends, neighbours and even your in-laws and get ready to roll up your sleeves, do a little pinching and have your very own Private Perogie Party! This is a perfect unique idea for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Team Building and much more!

Bella travels from Victoria to Sidney to Sooke to teach you her Family’s secret recipe dating back to 1863! For only $25/person with a minimum of 8 paid guests (hostess FREE), you and your family/friends will be set for life with a traditional skill!

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I’ve been buying Bella’s perogies for a couple of years now, they are delicious. But wait! There’s more! Tonight, we had her over and we had a perogie party! That’s right kids, a perogie party! She came to my home and skillfully guided myself and some friends through a course where we learned to make them ourselves! I highly recommend everyone do this. You have fun with your friends and end up with food to enjoy at home. What more could you ask for? Thanks Bella! We had fun and can’t wait to dive in and eat dinner tomorrow 🙂
— Mickey Cherneski recommends Perogie Pinchers of Victoria

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