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Step 1: Choose Your Flavour(s)


Traditional CLASSIC
$8.50 / dozen

potato, cheddar cheese, onion

Taste the tradition of delicious root vegetables! This medley of BC grown russet potatoes with the goodness of local yellow onions and Canadian old cheddar cheese will leave your tastebuds dancing!

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island favourite
$9.00 / dozen

cottage cheese, potato, organic dill

Simply rich and fresh! Bella blends Canadian dry curd cottage cheese with beautiful BC russet potatoes and local organic dill; a true balance of earthly flavours for your palette.

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baba’s best
$10.25 / dozen

sauerkraut, bacon

Perfection meets savoury! Baba absolutely loved sauerkraut, and we all know everything is better with bacon. This rich combo is perfectly balanced by Baba’s secret seasonings for a powerful flavour experience.

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Step 2: find your pick-up point

All orders must be picked up at one of our designated locations.
Pick-up is at exactly 6:30pm on the dates specified in the checkout process.

step 3: Place your order!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: Orders must be placed on this page of our website with Credit Card or PayPal.

Q: Do you have a store?
A: Not at this time. However we deliver to various communities throughout the Greater Victoria Area on a bi-monthly basis through the year. 

Q: Where can I buy your perogies?
A: At this time we sell online through our Community Orders. Special Group/Wholesale or Large Private orders can be obtained through request by completing our contact form

Q: Do you sell other products?
A: PPOV offers Public Perogie Classes and Private Perogie Parties. Our primary focus will always be our Authentic Ukrainian & Hand Pinched Perogies in 3 Traditional flavours. Other family recipes will be available as we grow. 

Q: Can I book a Perogie party and how?
A: Yes. Simply send a request by completing our contact form.

Q: Can I take a class?
A: Yes. Our classes are all ages friendly. Simply click the link here to go directly to Bella’s Eventbrite page showing all classes you can choose from.  

Q: Do you deliver?
A: We deliver to designated drop off locations at 6:30 pm. At this time we do not offer home delivery or shipping. 

Q: Can I pick up as soon as I order?
A:  No. All orders have options to choose your designated drop off location and times.

Q: Can I pay in person?
A: No. PPOV’s platform at checkout allows you to use Credit Card or PayPal which can be connected to your debit card by making an account.

Q:Where is the drop off location?
A: PPOV has several regular drop-off locations. These can be seen on the Map on our Order page (above).  You can place your order by what suits you best i.e.  DATE (you may need it sooner than later) or select by LOCATION (nearest to you on pre-set dates shown in the drop down menu when you place your order).

Q: Can you send me a reminder about pick up?
A:  Our automated check out system sends out a reminder 24 hours in advance to the email address used on the order form.

Q: What types of perogies do you sell?
A:  PPOV sells our Family’s Traditional Perogies made from our Recipes dating back to 1863. Our flavours are: Traditional Classic- Potato/Cheddar Cheese/Onion; Island Favourite - Cottage Cheese/Potato/Organic Dill; and Baba’s Best - Sauerkraut and Bacon.